VIDEO: Confused by the ever-expanding TAG Heuer Carrera collection? Chris Hemsworth is here to help

So, you’re interested in a TAG Heuer Carrera? Great! But I’m afraid I’m going to need a lot more information. Are you into modern, larger watches? Do you prefer time-only or complications? Ceramic or steel? Do you like Pandas?

Because where once ‘Carrera’ was code for sporty, broadly classic-looking chronographs, it can now encompass some decidedly not-vintage inspired designs such as the Heuer-01, and the futuristic Heuer-02 range. So, how do you break down in your mind the three distinct pillars of product in the Carrera family? With Chris Hemsworth of course.

His movies are remarkably — and reliably — analogous to the types of watches on offer.

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