Watch Strap Review – Mercedes 190 SL Strap By GLC Straps

Some of you might have thought that Watch Strap Review disappeared from our pages. This feature did not vanish but went on an extended holiday. However, I’m happy to report that we are back and have something special for you guys today. This article’s topic is not entirely new, you could read about a similar project from the same brand a while ago (here). The company is G.L.C. Straps, an Italian strap manufacturer. We did a review of their products as early as 2015, one of the earliest companies in WSR. GLC flies under the radar for the most part but their products are great. The prices are very reasonable, all handmade in Italy (Rome, to be precise) a great option if you want to extend your strap collection. They often venture into fields that many similar companies do. Their Mercedes Benz 190 SL Strap is such a project.

Mercedes Benz 190 SL Strap

190 SL


Almost a year ago we reported on GLC’s new project; a limited-edition strap made in only 30 pieces. This does not sound too interesting so far, right? So, what if I told you that the leather used for these 30 straps actually came from a Porsche 928? They used old seat cover leather to produce these wonderful rally style watch straps. The package included the strap (in a dark burgundy, cognac brown colour) in a checkered holder, with your limited-edition number printed on a card. It was a huge hit and sold out in only a few days. After the success of that run, it was only a matter of time before GLC came up with a second version. This time they managed to recycle a piece of seat leather from another German classic; the Mercedes Benz 190 SL.

190 SL

190 SL

Arguably one of the nicest vintage Mercedes convertibles out there, the Mercedes Benz 190 SL was a favourite in the mid-1950’s until 1963 when its production ended. The 190 SL was the cheaper alternative to the more luxurious 300 SL. Both versions shared similar aesthetics however the 190 SL had a shorter platform. Rather than building a new platform (like they did for the 300 SL), Mercedes Benz modified the W121’s base. With 105 PS and a 1.9 L engine, it was a nice and powerful car of its time. Potential customers could order it either with a removable hard-top or a foldable soft-top convertible. The price of it at the time was 16,500 Deutsche Mark (roughly $4,000) for the soft top and 17,650 DM ($4,300) for the hard-top version. The 190 SL’s successor was the legendary Pagoda, the W113 designed by fellow Hungarian Béla Barényi.

190 SL

The strap

GLC Strap managed to get a hold of a piece of seat leather from a 190 SL that is being restored at the moment. The amazingly vivid red fabric served its purpose wonderfully and another limited run of 30 straps came to light. Just like with the Porsche strap, this edition also comes in various sizes. The available options are 18mm (5 pieces) 19mm (10 pcs) 20mm (10 pcs)  and 22mm (5 pcs). You can order it either on a steel or gold (plated) GLC buckle. The style of the strap mimics the 1970’s vintage Corfam straps’ that Omega or Heuer used amongst other brands. It is the same design as the Porsche edition. If you have that one you need to get the 190 SL strap to complete your collection.

190 SL

The actual seats prior to the restoration. This was the leather GLC Straps used for their project.

190 SL

If you missed out on the Porsche strap here’s your chance to snag the Mercedes one in this amazingly lively red colour. Follow this link to purchase yours.


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