The Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000 Full Metal

This is still a 5000 series G-Shock, so it has all the usual functionality. The dial is a special LCD screen called a “super-twisted nematic” (STN) LCD, which provides better contrast and viewing angles. By default it shows the time (hours, minutes, seconds), the day of the week, and one additional function (the date in the above photo). Using the buttons around the perimeter of the case you can activate things like alarms, stopwatch functionality, timers, and more. There’s also of course an LED backlight available with a single button push, and it pleasantly fades in and out instead of abruptly turning on and off. 

Around the perimeter of the LED screen you’ll see the familiar “brick” pattern, which is more than decoration. It’s actually the solar cells that allow the G-Shock to be self-sufficient. A single day in the sun will keep the watch running for months, so pretending like I could have tested the battery life in any meaningful way would be a joke. 

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