The Blancpain Ocean Commitment III (Live Pics & Pricing)

While Laurent Ballesta and his team were making long, deep dives to film and photograph around the volcanic islands of the Revillagigedos, I dove with some of his French support team, an American photographer, and the German editor of Blancpain’s annual Edition Fifty Fathoms book. We were living on, and diving off of, a dive support vessel called the Nautilus Undersea, a boat with its own history. Laid down in 1968, she served, under the name Undersea Hunter, as a support boat for Sylvia Earle’s Deep Rover expeditions, and for the filming of the James Bond film, License to Kill. It’s a 26-hour voyage out to the island chain from the mainland and we spent five days doing three or four dives per day, developing a rhythm of diving, eating and sleeping that, combined with the spoken French, red wetsuits, Blancpain watches, and lots of dive and camera gear, felt right out of a Cousteau film. 

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