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Unique durability and one of a kind illumination system now comes at an extra 5% discount! Whether it’s the Luminox Original Navy SEAL or the Land Sentry, avail the discount with Coupon Code: LUMINOX, and take the necessary step to exude power and confidence at the go! Experience the same technology as by the US armed forces and other law enforcement agencies and make one of the latest innovations in timepiece technology a part of your everyday life!

Luminox Sea Turtle Giant 0320 Series Quartz XS.0327 Men’s Watch

Luminox Sea Turtle Giant 0320 Series Quartz XS.0323 Men’s Watch

Luminox Sea Turtle Giant 0320 Series Quartz XS.0321 Men’s Watch

Luminox Navy Seal 3180 Series Quartz XS,3182,BO Men’s Watch

Luminox Master Black Carbon 3800 Series Quartz XS.3801 Men’s Watch

Luminox Master Green Carbon 3800 Series Quartz XS.3813 Men’s Watch
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We ship to all major destinations in the world. Your watch is carefully and securely packed in the watch box. The watch box is further secured in a strong non-collapsing cardboard box with layers of impact-proof bubble wrap before shipping.

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