INTRODUCING: Coming at you like an 800-pound Gorilla – the Fastback GT Mirage 

A relative newcomer on the watch scene (debuting in 2016), Gorilla is a brand that isn’t shy about throwing its weight around. The brainchild of Octavio Garcia and Lukas Gopp (formerly designers at Audemars Piguet), Gorilla does things its own way, and doesn’t mess around. Inspired by comic culture and American muscle cars of the 1970s, the Fastback GT is a big 44mm watch (48.5mm if you count the crown guard) with a blocky case construction, and decidedly automotive dial layout. It’s distinctive, but not outrageously or unwearably so, and — commendably for a watch at this price point — is a genuinely original design. Sure, some might raise their eyebrows at the Miyota 90S5 movement, but, as you can see, the case more than makes up for it.

With a clever sandwich construction — comprising here of a forged carbon base, orange anodised aluminium ‘pinstripe’ and a large, square ceramic bezel — this is an exceptionally technical offering, and appears to be finely finished. For me, though, it’s the hooded lugs and chunky, multicoloured, perforated rubber strap that really seal the deal. Attention-grabbing looks aside, the Gorilla Fastback GT is very smart design. The modular approach also lends itself to short and snappy limited editions, which is exactly what this 250-piece Mirage model is. You’ve definitely seen this colour way before — Gorilla’s twist on it takes particular inspiration from the Ford GT40 that won Le Mans 1968.

Don’t be fooled by the bright colours, bold design and comparatively low price tag, this Gorilla is a heavy hitter.

Gorilla Fastback GT Mirage pricing and availability

Gorilla Fastback GT Mirage, limited to 250 pieces, $1150 USD (excl. taxes)

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